Eric Young

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3D Assets, Animation & 
Visual Style

Fluid Physics

Lately, I have been working with Blender to create physics simulations.
Using the tools available to me I have been able to create different types of fluid effects using not only the Blender Particle Engine but the Particle System as well.
- Use of booleans to create voids in primitive shapes to shape, direct and trap fluids.
- Emitters setup to simulate fountain, firework, volumetric expansion and flock behaviors

Character Animations

Blender has features to create animations for humanoid, shark and several others to assist creators in their animation efforts.
The Rigify add-on makes the animation of characters a simple and straightforward process.
The Forward Kinematics(FK) and/or Inverse Kinematics(IK) may be employed for a greatly enhanced and streamlined workflow for high quality results
- Use of the Block Out method as a foundation for basic animation and timing
- The Refinement method is employed to narrow in on the desired result.

Once you learn the process it is quite a simple matter to create meaningful Animation Blockouts quickly. Read the article
Due to its quick implementation you have more time for future refinements while still achieving a high quality animation.