Eric Young

Problem-Solver * Firefly Fan * Programmer * Unity Developer
Passionate * Innovative * Reliable

Who Is He?

The Midwest Warrior- author, teacher, leader, innovator, trailblazer, dedicated, honest, puzzle-solver, solution-oriented, quester, timely, driven, determined
Problem-solving: sewing, puzzles, auto mechanics, microcontrollers, robotics

Teacher:  owner/head instructor martial arts school. helped hundreds realize their dream of Black Belt(helped others set, work towards & achieve a goal.

Leader:  explained to others the goal/mission, led by example & encouraged to achieve

Innovator: Constantly looking for new ways to implement, design or create behaviors and animations for simplicity, ease and a better understanding.

Solution-Oriented: I do best when I have a problem to solve and I either have the tools to succeed or they are close at hand and accessible. Once learned they provide a broader base from which to come up with other solutions.

Quester: Always asking questions to get to the heart of understanding.

Driven:  When I decide to tackle a problem sometimes the problem is greater than my skills and/or knowledge and I will have to set this challenge aside while I build my skills in those areas that were deficient and I come back with a renewed vigor and increased knowledge to put that challenge to bed.

Passionate: My morning commute is less than 2 minutes. When I sit myself in front of my computer and begin knocking challenges out I am in my element. I will sit for long stretches of time, usually until my forward progress is slowed, at which time I will tackle another project in the real world, only to return to the original challenge. I repeat this process throughout the day as I tackle one challenge after the other.