Eric Young

Problem-Solver * Firefly Fan * Programmer * Unity Developer
Passionate * Innovative * Reliable

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Certificates & Badges

These  badges have been earned through my participation in the associated courses.

Eyetengu Originals

These Original offerings were conceived of, created and produced by me with the exception of the art assets & audio.

Original- The Card Game Triple Set

This trio of card games came about as a result of the mini-problems that manifest themselves in my thinking.
I had been puzzling over how to simulate a rock-paper-scissors encounter when it occurred to me to create two more games, similar in scope and concept, that could be used as mini-games in other interactions/games.
These are the result:

Original- CoffeeHouse Games

Coffee House Games is a series of math-based games that are designed to help the user hone basic math and relational skills.Topics include:- Comparisons (<=>)- Fractions, Ratios and Decimals- Exact change due- Speed word problems​Skills Demonstrated:- Creation of multiple and varied UIs- Custom logic for each mini-game- persistent scoring- design and layout individual games- design and layout the 'wrapper' that houses the mini-games

2D Mobile Adventure

Animated Tiles
Abstract Classes
Class Inheritance
Extendable Methods
The 2D Mobile Adventure is my first mobile app which focuses on the use of tilemaps to create the visual aesthetic of the various levels.
The player, enemies and various effects were created using sprites and spritesheets.
The addition of a shopkeeper, purchasable items and an option to earn coins for watching a Rewarded Ad all add to and enhance the user experience for a more well-rounded and polished delivery.

2D Space Shooter

The 2D Space Shooter is a vertical scroller with various enemies, powerups and asteroids to shoot, collect and destroy.
A wave system controls the flow of enemies and their variety.
Various powerups offer different rewards.
A variety of enemies keeps the action moving and unique.
The Level Boss releases her U.F.O. kin to destroy you. 
Will they be successful?
Skills Demonstrated:
- script-to-script communication
- wave engine creation
- custom-made sprites 
- advanced enemy behaviors
- powerups and reward system

Beautiful Games

Earning the  Beautiful Games  badge reflects my ability to create unique, appealing and provocative scenes using lights, light probes & volumes to create and enhance the mood that the player should be experiencing.

Cinemachine & Timeline

Cinemach ine​- Creation of various types of  Virtual Cameras to create a wide range of visual effects​- 
Camera Management via code to control switching on/off of cameras
Timeline- creation of keyframes to hold transform data of various game scene objects in an effort to playback animations on demand.

Timeline​- Animation creation for any object​- Activation/Deactivation of objects​- Event setup and implementation

New Unity Input System(NUIS)

Skills Demonstrated:
- Create Input Assets
- Create Action Maps
- Attaching key bindings for keyboard, mouse, xbox controller, XR​- Accessing, using and modifying input values via code​- Update legacy input system to NUIS

The New Unity Input System(NUIS) is an event-based system that will likely end up replacing the legacy system at some point.
The creation of Input Assets, Action Maps and KeyBindings with various modification options is the heart of player interaction and setting them up correctly can really enhance the player's overall experience.

Game Logic & Interactions- I

RaycastingRaycasting-Raycasting for movement- Instantiate an object at a point on an object- Use of  layer masks- Firing and leaving bullet holes- AI Navmesh & Navmesh Agent- Waypoint system creation- Finite State Machine(FSM) creation

2.5D Platformer

The  2.5D Platformer project was a great experience from laying out levels and the Character Controller to the Collectables and disappearing walls for camera visibility into a difficult to see area.
- Character Controller player movement with animation
- Use of physics to affect a rigidbody(gravity, double jump, wall jump, push box, ledge grab)
- creation of collectable and associated logic
- Camera Follow
- Moving Platform- Trigger Zones & Interactables

User Input(UI)

The ​User Interface​ is probably the most important method of conveying information to the player.It contains a wide range of viewable and manipulable components such as text and sliders.Skills Demonstrated(use & implementation of):- Sliders- Toggles- Text Areas- Buttons- TextMesh Pro(replaces the old Text feature)- ​Horizontal, Vertical & Grid Layouts​- ​Content Fitters- ​Scrollbar​​- Dropdown- Input Field

No-Code VR (Coming Soon)

Skills Demonstrated:-Player movement​(move & turn)-Teleportion Anchors v Areas-Movement- Teleport v Continuous-Turning- Snap v Continuous- NUIS relationship- Setting up hand controls to handle interactions:   - Direct, Ray, Teleport- ​How to create & use Physics Materials- Sockets for storage of key, hat, disguise, sword- Use of hinge component to make workable file cabinet- 3D UI components(joystick, wheel, sliders, etc)- 2D World-Space UI